Stick Rpg Complete



Stick Rpg Complete

Presented by XGen Studios, the life simulator Stick RPG complete throws you into the shoes of a stick figure on his way to make it to the top in a two dimensional world. As soon as the game starts, you must give a name to your character.

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Shortly after, you roll dice to pick your character’s three attribute points. These are strength, intelligence, and charm. All three of these play a big role in the game, strength makes your character tougher during fights, intelligence helps with getting certain jobs, and charm makes you a better communicator. After you pick your attributes, you are then thrown into the world of Stick RPG. Stick RPG complete adds new areas to the original game. These include the all new bus depot, which enables you to travel to other cities and sell commodities, and the furniture store, which is now open. Be careful in different cities though, as you may get robbed as you try to sell your product. As soon as you are thrown into the world, there are many things you can do. You could bring your character to McSticks and start flipping burgers, go to the university to get a higher intelligence, go to the casino and gamble, start climbing the corporate ladder, and more. Also, you could take the path of crime, and sell cocaine to other cities. Stick RPG Complete excels in giving the player a wide variety of paths your character can take on his way to riches. Going to the bar and getting into bar fights, running for president, and stealing cars are just examples. Head over to the bank to upgrade your apartment. Depending on how much money you have, you can purchase things from suites, to even mansions. Many hours will pass by as you take your character on a journey to success in Stick RPG Complete!

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